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Occlusion in General Dental Practice

This program is created to understand fundamental concepts of occlusion and Temporo-madibular joint disorder for general dental practitioners.  This understanding will help dentists to use it in both daily practice and in treating cases with simple Temporo-madibular joint disorder in general dental practice.

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Introduction to Dental Photography

Photography is one of the key skills every dentist should have. It helps in record keeping and is one of the best learning tools as you can assess your photos post treatment to critically assess your own work and improve in future. This course includes basic understanding of dental photography, equipment and instruments needed to start taking photographs immediately.

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Communication in Dentistry

Discover the different communication styles required to confidently discuss treatment options to patients in a style and manner that they understand and trust in order to proceed with treatment.

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Hands On courses

Occlusal Splints

This course comprises 2 days (1 weekend) hands-on training. It is designed to support dentists looking for a greater understanding of occlusion in dentistry. Along with use of occlusion in restoring teeth, this course will also include how to record facebows, inter occlusal records, mount models and adjust michigan splints.

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Occlusion to Oral Rehabilitation

This hands-on course comprises 6 days (3 weekends) of training. It is designed to support dentists looking for a greater understanding of occlusion in dentistry. It explores how to incorporate occlusal techniques in daily practice and involves hands-on practical steps for adhesive full mouth reconstruction.

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Introduction to Restoring Implants

This course is ideal for any general dental practitioner aspiring to restore implants. This course covers straumann and biohorizons implants; the fundamentals of which can be applied to almost any system. It discusses the various aspects of treatment planning for restoring simple single crown cases and small implant-supported bridges.

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