Introduction to Implant Restoration

Online and hands-on training options


Restore Partially Edentulous Patients

You probably come across partially edentulous patients every single day. So what is your first course of action when patients require implants?

Do you place and restore? Or do you refer the patient to a surgeon?

Congratulations if you’re one of those dentists who can confidently restore those implants — you’re in the minority!

On the other hand, if you’re one of the majority of GDPs who refer partially edentulous patients to implant surgeons for implant placement and restoration, then this course is for you!

This online course is complimented with an optional hands-on training day.

A Trove of Insight

Features two years’ access to a growing storehouse of in-depth video lectures and practical video demonstrations


Covers all major implant systems (Straumann, Biohorizons, Conelog) and connection types.

Skills for All

Designed for dentists of all levels—especially those who are not yet restoring implants or are at the beginning of their journey.

Step-by-Step Protocols

Discover a simple, repeatable process for implant restoration planning and treatment—and say a confident YES! to your first implant restorations.

Always Updating

I can’t leave this course alone! I constantly update the contents to give enrolees up-to-the-minute, evidence-based techniques and protocols.

What You’ll Learn

  • Treatment planning and assessment – what you need to know
  • Introduction to varying implant systems
  • Taking successful implant impressions
  • Lab communication essentials
  • Occlusion in implant dentistry
  • Fitting implant crowns
  • Maintenance
  • Complications and troubleshooting

Plus FREE Bonus Content!

Enrol in the Introduction to Implant Restoration today, and you’ll also unlock exclusive FREE access to two of my most popular online courses worth £598!

Bonus 1 (Usually £199)

Introduction to Dental Photography

This indispensable online training unlocks a powerful marketing and record-keeping tool by demystifying the art of consistently clear clinical photography for implant restoration and other treatments.

Bonus 2 (Usually £399)

Communication in Dentistry

Join me as I unlock the secrets of rapport building and communicate with patients like a master storyteller. My Communication in Dentistry Training also reveals how to discuss fees with supreme confidence—and start earning your true worth!

Ready to Restore?

Ready to include popular, profitable implant restorations into your repertoire?

Don’t let another referral slip away! Enrol and train now to join the elite ranks of FMR dentists to unlock the career-boosting potential of implant restorations.

OR Refer, Learn
and Earn with Me!

Imagine if your referring surgeon agreed to explain, reveal and demonstrate their implant restoration workflow, showing you step-by-step how everything is done so you need never refer another patient.

That’s exactly what you’ll receive when referring your patient as part of my exclusive mentored referral programme where join me in my clinic to observe and assist as I restore.

Mentored referrals are a perfect opportunity to gain practical experience in the skills you’ll discover in my introductory course—or simply brush up on your existing implant restoration techniques.

Visit my referrals page for more information.


What Delegates Say


Approachable. Patient. Funny

Associate dentist Zahid wanted to take the next stage in his career and explore the possibilities of full-mouth dentistry. He says training is a definite recommendation for dentists looking to add to their repertoire.

A Great Return on Investment!

Bedford dentist Dr Neeta Shah wanted to explore techniques and digital workflows when carrying out full-mouth cases. She says Devang’s practical support allowed her to put everything into practice confidently.


Sebastian chose Devang’s training after completing a master’s in restorative dentistry. He says the course provided the knowledge and practical occlusion experience that was missing from academic training.

Fun AND Brilliant!

Dentist Amy says Devang’s simple breakdown of concepts and techniques gave her a better understanding of full-mouth dentistry.


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