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Introducing FMR Complete

FMR Complete—my flagship training course—follows my signature three-stage protocol for FMR success.

You’ll study in-depth theory before practising in the classroom and finally putting new skills into practice with 12 months of mentoring.


Designed for dentists of all levels of skill and experience

A designated pathway to confident, profitable FMR practice

Features a unique combination of theory, hands-on and mentored learning

Small cohort (nine per intake), HUGE post-training support provided

PHASE 1: Perception

Full mouth rehabilitation is little more than a combination of everyday single-tooth restorations like composite bondings, crowns, onlays, and veneers.

But how do you get all these working harmoniously to achieve excellent long-term occlusion in a full-mouth context?

You’ll find the answer in over 20 hours of video lectures and practical demonstrations covering everything you’ll ever need to know about FMR.

I’m constantly adding to and updating this growing storehouse of content—my students say it’s a resource they refer back to again and again.

Understanding Occlusion

  • The Rehabilitation Mindset
  • Occlusion in Oral Rehabilitation
  • Understanding Occlusal Terminology
  • Occlusal Examination Masterclass
  • Using Occlusal Splints
  • The Ultimate Guide to Making Michigan Splints
  • Facebow Records & Demo
  • Lucia Jigs and Leaf Gauges for Interocclusal Records
  • Mounting: MIP Vs CR
  • Fitting and Adjusting Michigan Splints

Treatment Planning

  • Treatment Planning for FMR
  • Increasing OVD
  • The DAHL concept
  • Simple Adhesive FMR
  • The Complete Guide to Patient Communication for FMR Clinicians
  • Understanding the Morphology of Teeth
  • Diagnostic Wax Ups

Anterior Restoration

  • The Art of Bonding
  • Anterior Composites
  • Crowns, Veneers, and Anterior Indirect Restorations

Posterior Restorations

  • Posterior Direct Composites
  • Onlays Crowns and Posterior Indirect Restorations
  • Maintenance

What Delegates Say


Approachable. Patient. Funny

Associate dentist Zahid wanted to take the next stage in his career and explore the possibilities of full-mouth dentistry. He says training is a definite recommendation for dentists looking to add to their repertoire.

Very Informative!

Marzena says Devang is a generous teacher with plenty of knowledge to share, and training with him helped her get to grips with occlusion and gain more consistent results.

A Great Return on Investment!

Bedford dentist Dr Neeta Shah wanted to explore techniques and digital workflows when carrying out full-mouth cases. She says Devang’s practical support allowed her to put everything into practice confidently.

Value for Money

Addy followed a friend’s recommendation to train with Devang. She says there’s a great atmosphere, a knowledgeable teacher, and plenty of hands-on skills you can apply to practice…what more could you want!

PHASE 2: Practice

Once you’ve mastered the theory behind FMR occlusion and planning, it’s time to put it all into practice with six days of intensive practical training.

This is your chance to get hands-on with the concepts covered in the video lectures and familiarise yourself with the techniques covered in the video series.

Held over three weekends, the practical component takes you through direct, indirect, and semi-direct techniques for anterior and posterior reconstruction.

You’ll also discover how to use the DAHL technique to achieve posterior occlusion.

Day 1: Occlusal Assessment and Mounting

Achieve mastery in assessing occlusion, recording CR and mounting for FMR.

Day 2: Occlusal Splints and Diagnostic Wax Ups

Understand how to adjust Michigan splints and carry out diagnostic wax-ups for FMR.

Day 3: Direct Anterior Reconstruction

Explore and practice techniques for anterior composite reconstruction.

Day 4: Indirect Anterior Reconstruction

Mastering crowns and veneers for anterior reconstruction.

Day 5: Direct Posterior Reconstruction

Explore and practice techniques for posterior composite reconstruction.

Day 6: Indirect Posterior Reconstruction

Adhesive onlays and crown preparations for successful posterior reconstruction.

As a delegate,
Unlock exclusive access to a vibrant online community of like-minded professionals at all skill levels and varying stages of their FMR careers to share skills and stay motivated along the way.

PHASE 3: Proficiency

By now, you’ll have the confidence to begin planning and treating your first FMR cases instead of referring.

However, if you’ve attended dental courses before, you’ll probably be all too aware that patients seldom present with the same challenges you covered in training.

That’s why FMR Complete features 12 months of mentoring to prepare you for every eventuality and take on progressively more complex cases.

Plus FREE Bonus Content!

To support your ongoing development, keep you inspired, take your FMR skills to the next level, and boost your case acceptance rates, I’ve also bundled four of my most popular online courses for completely FREE!

Bonus 1 (Usually £199)

Introduction to Dental Photography

This accessible, no-nonsense guide explains step-by-step how to gain clearer patient photos—a must for record-keeping best practice and clinical marketing!

Bonus 2 (Usually £399)

Communication in Dentistry

Discover the secrets of rapport building, learn how to talk about treatment like a master storyteller, and confidently discuss fees!

Bonus 3 (Usually £650)

Adhesive Onlays Online

Get to grips with the rationale for treatment with adhesive onlays and discover a simple step-by-step protocol you can put into practice TODAY!

Bonus 4 (Usually £4200)

Case Discussion Archive Access

Access a store of over 50 hours of real-life case discussions recorded exclusively for previous FMR training delegates.


Read My Definitive Guide to FMR

My Amazon Best Seller – Practical Step-by-Step Guide to Full Mouth Reconstruction for GDPs is dentistry’s NeverEnding Story. Buying this book gives you access to a video series that I update regularly to keep delegates informed of the latest evidence-based techniques, so you’ll never have to purchase a new edition.