My Story

Ever Get the Feeling You’re Winging It?

That was exactly how I felt when I started my first role in a mixed practice way back in 2006.

To say I was an average dentist back then would be too kind. I couldn’t use putty and wash or rotary files. All I was taught at university was alginate impressions and hand files.

I used to do single-tooth root canals with the smallest gutta-percha I could find because I couldn’t find my way around canals.

And if I wanted to know how something was done, I’d ask my nurse to show me how other dentists did it.

Even worse—I spent a fortune on various courses to hone my restorative skills in the hope of taking on more complex cases, free from the limitations and restrictions of the NHS.

But without a mentor, I just couldn’t find the confidence to put my new skills into practice or discover the missing link that would allow me to bring together everything I’d learned and begin carrying out full-mouth cases.

Mentoring Works

Things changed for me when I joined the full-time master’s programme at Eastman Dental Hospital.

But it wasn’t the packed syllabus that finally helped everything click into place—or that I knuckled down hard enough to win the Best Student prize and graduate with distinction.=

What really made a difference to me was support throughout my first complex cases.

With mentoring, I found the confidence to begin treating full-mouth cases and was also beginning to look forward to the challenge!

Getting to where I am today cost more than £120K in tuition fees and lost clinical time. And the further emotional and personal costs of spending time away from my family while grappling with one full-time programme after another are incalculable.

It doesn’t have to be this way for you

FMR Complete gives you the master’s-level practical support and mentoring that worked for me—at a fraction of the cost.

You can study at your own pace without sacrificing valuable clinical or personal time.

And—best of all—you’ll also see a fast and generous return on your investment after completing your first few FMR cases with my support.

If I Can Do This, Anyone Can!

If you’d asked me in 2006 if I could picture myself carrying out hundreds of complex full rehabilitation—implants, grafts, and all—my answer would have been a resounding ‘no!’
If you’d told me I’d go on to mentor clinicians to begin carrying out FMR and implants within a couple of years of starting their VT, I might have laughed.
I’d have laughed even harder if you’d said my occlusion and FMR training for GDPs would be one of the UK’s best-selling and highly regarded courses.
The fact is, you don’t have to spend thousands on MScs, diplomas and international qualifications that give you all of the know-how but none of the practical support to take you beyond single-tooth restorations.

You don’t need to travel the country grafting 24/7 to gain the hands-on experience to practice confidently.

And you definitely don’t need to learn the hard way (like I did) that nurses aren’t clinical tutors!

My experience has shown me that anyone can carry out full-mouth rehabilitation—as long as they are dedicated and focused and have ongoing support from someone who’s walked the path before them.

If that sounds like you, let’s begin!

Train Now

If you’re like me—if you want to help more patients, refer less, and earn more—visit my courses page to begin your journey today.


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