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Treatment Plan
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When things go wrong in dentistry, the cause can usually be traced to the treatment plan.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve attended all the latest training and are up-to-date with the latest evidence-based techniques. If your treatment planning isn’t up to scratch, you’ll find yourself making the same mistakes over and over.

Treatment Planning Club gives you access to the expertise, knowledge and support to elevate your clinical skills, lay the groundwork for progressing to full-mouth dentistry, and achieve cast-iron confidence in your treatment planning.


Join monthly case planning presentations and Q&As with actionable real-world examples to improve your practice.


Join a community of engaged peers to discuss cases and inspire each other to treatment planning greatness.


Access a priceless trove of my most popular training courses and modules that give you the theory and skills to put advanced treatment plans into practice.

Who Should Join? Would you like to:

  • Discover workflows and protocols for consistently effective treatment planning
  • Take your general dental skills, knowledge, and confidence to the next level
  • Gain the foundational knowledge you’ll need before starting with full-mouth dentistry
  • Learn why and how to do treatment planning
  • Get help and support implementing what you have learned

Answered yes? Treatment Planning Club is for You!

What’s Included?

Featuring monthly case presentations and Q&A sessions of my real-life cases alongside inspirational online conversation and in-depth training, Treatment Planning Club is the only resource of its kind. Here’s what members can expect.

Coaching & Case Discussions

Join me each month for a 90-minute, in-depth online presentation when I delve into the planning protocols and techniques that helped me successfully plan and treat simple to challenging cases.

Ask your questions, and take away tips and techniques you can use to take case planning and treatment to the next level in your everyday practice.

As a member, you’ll also get access to recordings of past presentations you can refer to again and again.

A Caring Community

Follow your exclusive invite to a safe, non-judgmental community of like-minded peers. Share your cases, discuss how you’re putting new concepts into practice, and inspire each other to achieve complete treatment planning mastery!

Conquer Pre-FMR Skills
with In-Depth Training

My monthly case studies and the vibrant treatment planning community add up to a formidable confidence builder.

But confidence is nothing without skills, so I’m also sharing my protocol for planning simple to advanced cases via instant access to my brand-new in-depth treatment planning training to watch in your own time.

This in-depth module is followed by Pre-FMR Training—a dozen of my most popular full courses and training modules hand-selected to support club members on their journey.

Delivered monthly to your inbox, Pre-FMR Training covers everything from clinical photography and communication to occlusion, composites, onlays and more.

Even without the coaching and community element, the +£5K of training gives you all you need to know before starting with full-mouth dentistry.

Treatment Planning MasterclassExclusive two-hour in-depth training video included

(Value £650)

Access an in-depth online training on advanced clinical examinations and the factors affecting treatment planning. The training also includes my unique, repeatable approach to planning simple to complex cases.

My Pre-FMR Training

12 monthly modules & full courses included

Communication in Dentistry

(Value £399)

Discover the secrets of rapport building, learn how to talk about treatment like a master storyteller, and confidently discuss fees!

Introduction to Dental Photography

(Value £399)

Discover the secrets of rapport building, learn how to talk about treatment like a master storyteller, and confidently discuss fees!

Occlusion for GDPs

(Value £650)

Clear up your occlusion confusion once and for all with my no-nonsense guide to one of the most misunderstood concepts in dentistry.

Facebow and CR

(Value £450)

Explore the fundamentals of Facebows and Centric Relation (CR), delving into their importance, application and practical demonstrations.

Occlusal splints

(Value £450)

Dive deep into the design, purpose, and clinical applications of occlusal splints in this comprehensive course, along with a practical video on how to correctly adjust Michigan splints.

Adhesive onlays

(Value £650)

Unlock the potential of adhesive onlays, mastering techniques for optimal bonding and long-term restoration success. Practical demonstrations included.

Deep Margin Elevation

(Value £299)

Navigate the nuances of Deep Margin Elevation, optimising preparation margins for restorative success in compromised clinical situations.


(Value £299)

From preparation to cementation, learn the complete workflow of crown procedures, ensuring aesthetic and functional longevity.

Porcelain Veneers

(Value £499)

Discover the art and science of crafting and placing exquisite porcelain veneers, elevating smiles to new dimensions.

Rubber Dam

(Value £299)

Master the Rubberdam application in a simplified way, ensuring optimal isolation and enhancing clinical efficiency for various dental procedures.

Class 4 Composites

(Value £299)

Delve into the techniques and strategies for achieving impeccable Class 4 composite restorations, merging aesthetics with function.

Composite Veneers

(Value £299)

Learn the intricacies of composite veneers, mastering their placement for minimally invasive smile makeovers.

PLUS Even More Bonus Content!!

Each month, I’ll share consent forms, patient instructions, templates and other valuable resources to support your journey to better dentistry.


What They Say About Me

My FMR training has helped hundreds of dentists learn and put new skills into practice. Here’s what students and mentees say about working with me.

“For the first time in my career, I am consistently seeing patients accept treatment plans for procedures valued at £10K or more.”

Rishi (Communication in Dentistry delegate)

“Anyone considering training with Devang should—you’ll be able to implement your newfound skills and start to make tenfold within weeks.”

Puja – (Occlusion for GDPs delegate)

“Occlusion never made sense, and I could never see the point. But since doing this course, it’s like, aha! It all makes sense now! Occlusion is no longer a mystery!”

Adrian – (FMR Complete delegate)

Are You Ready?

What value would you place on month-on-month clinical skills improvement over the next year?

The low investment to jump on board Treatment Planning Club might just surprise you—especially if you’re one of the first 100 members to grab my limited earlybird offer.


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