Value for Money

Addy followed a friend’s recommendation to train with Devang. She says there’s a great atmosphere, a knowledgeable teacher, and plenty of hands-on skills you can apply to practice…what more could you want!


Sebastian chose Devang’s training after completing a master’s in restorative dentistry. He says the course provided the knowledge and practical occlusion experience that was missing from academic training.


Approachable. Patient. Funny

Associate dentist Zahid wanted to take the next stage in his career and explore the possibilities of full-mouth dentistry. He says training is a definite recommendation for dentists looking to add to their repertoire.

Very Informative!

Marzena says Devang is a generous teacher with plenty of knowledge to share, and training with him helped her get to grips with occlusion and gain more consistent results.

A Great Return on Investment!

Bedford dentist Dr Neeta Shah wanted to explore techniques and digital workflows when carrying out full-mouth cases. She says Devang’s practical support allowed her to put everything into practice confidently.

Fun AND Brilliant!

Dentist Amy says Devang’s simple breakdown of concepts and techniques gave her a better understanding of full-mouth dentistry.

Highly Recommended!

FMR complete delegate Beata describes why spending even a single day with Devang is a worthwhile investment.

Really Thorough!

Devang’s step-by-step approach to treatment protocols and record-keeping was a revelation for Grace.

Absolutely Fantastic!

Jay says Devang’s practical, constructive feedback helped him take treatment to a more advanced level.

Practically Invaluable

Arthi says Devang’s practical training gave her insight and practical skills she couldn’t get from online courses.

Fear of Occlusion?

No more for Padmini! She says she avoided occlusion until joining Devang’s practical training.


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