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Educating and inspiring dental professionals to always strive for excellent quality dentistry, Dr Devang Patel has developed a series of postgraduate online learning and hands-on courses in restorative dentistry.

Dr Devang Patel’s unique and inspirational teaching style is centred around ensuring delegates are provided with the guidance, resources and freedom to implement their newfound skills in daily practice with confidence whilst feeling supported throughout their journey.

Courses are available to watch online and can be supplemented by direct mentoring and support from Dr Devang Patel via a combination of telephone calls and the option of additional hands-on session within a clinical setting.


“Dr Devang Patel has made me realise how important being able to communicate with patients and sell the treatment plan is essential for job satisfaction. Since taking the course I have become more confident in what I have to say and offer to my patients. I am now performing more private treatments and feel I am doing the right thing for the patient whilst getting complete job satisfaction too. In my experience, anyone considering taking this course should – you’ll be able to implement your newfound skills and start to make tenfold within weeks.”

– Puja

“I have attended many occlusion courses but always found I could not apply anything I had learned, and ended up losing trust on courses. However, Dr Devang Patel’s approach to occlusion changed all that and is very simple and practical. I have been able to apply everything I have learned straight away into my practice. He is very approachable and supportive in helping you understand. I would strongly recommend the Occlusion to Rehabilitation course to anyone who wants to improve and implement knowledge of occlusion into their routine dentistry.”


“If you don’t have any ethical communication, you can’t deliver your best treatment plans. Dr Devang Patel has expertly developed this course to cover all the essentials, from how to greet patients and build a rapport to understanding how to deal with negative remarks. 

I strongly recommend this course for anyone who is struggling with patient communication – it’s especially useful for those who have come from another country. It’s definitely worth the investment.”

– Tony




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