Anyone Can do Full Mouth Reconstruction

That means YOU!

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Let’s Dispel the Myth

You don’t have to be a specialist to do full mouth reconstruction (FMR).

You don’t need to have carried out thousands of single-tooth procedures.

And you don’t even need years of multidisciplinary experience.

Anyone can do full mouth reconstruction.

All you need is support from the right mentor and the ambition to give your patients a more joined-up approach to long-term care.

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That’s Where I Come in

I’m Devang Patel. My friends, colleagues and students call me Dev. Others call me
“The FMR Guy.”

I’ve been carrying out complex full-mouth cases for over 15 years and teaching, training and mentoring clinicians to do the same for almost a decade.

During that time, I’ve refined a simple three-stage process to take GDPs from basic single-tooth practice to confident, profitable FMR provision.

My course line-up features comprehensive online theory, intensive hands-on practice and one-to-one mentoring designed to give you complete confidence to fly solo on FMR cases.

My Three-Stage Process for FMR Success


If you’re like most dentists, you may already know loads about the different standalone techniques that go into FMR dentistry. But how does it all fit together? My in-depth video lectures and practical demonstrations explain everything.


Join me for intensive hands-on training and discover how to put the theory into practice. When the time comes to take on your first complex case, you’ll be ready.


Too many training courses let delegates out in the wild without any further support. That’s why my flagship FMR Complete training comes with 12 months of online support in the form of regular in-depth case discussions. Comprehensive one-to-one mentoring is also available. So there are no excuses!

What Delegates
Say About My Courses

Value for Money

Addy followed a friend’s recommendation to train with Devang. She says there’s a great atmosphere, a knowledgeable teacher, and plenty of hands-on skills you can apply to practice…what more could you want!


Sebastian chose Devang’s training after completing a master’s in restorative dentistry. He says the course provided the knowledge and practical occlusion experience that was missing from academic training.


Approachable. Patient. Funny

Associate dentist Zahid wanted to take the next stage in his career and explore the possibilities of full-mouth dentistry. He says training is a definite recommendation for dentists looking to add to their repertoire.

Very Informative!

Marzena says Devang is a generous teacher with plenty of knowledge to share, and training with him helped her get to grips with occlusion and gain more consistent results.

A Great Return on Investment!

Bedford dentist Dr Neeta Shah wanted to explore techniques and digital workflows when carrying out full-mouth cases. She says Devang’s practical support allowed her to put everything into practice confidently.

“For the first time in my career, I am consistently seeing patients accept treatment plans for procedures valued at £10K or more.”

Rishi FMR Complete

“Anyone considering training with Devang should—you’ll be able to implement your newfound skills and start to make tenfold within weeks.”

Puja – FMR Complete

“Occlusion never made sense, and I could never see the point. But since doing this course, it’s like, aha! It all makes sense now! Occlusion is no longer a mystery!”

Adrian – FMR Complete

FMR Courses – Hands-on or Online

FMR Complete

Want to stop referring FMR cases and treat patients confidently? My flagship course combines intensive theory, hands-on training, and mentoring to deliver everything you need. Also available as an online-only course.


See my full collection of FMR, implant, restorative and communication courses for dentists at all experience levels.

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Is My Training Right for You?

Scared of FMR?

Even complex cases don’t have to be scary—as long as you have the right knowledge and a little support.

Want to join the dots between disciplines and provide more holistic care?

Many dentists already have experience and skills across several disciplines but lack the expertise to join the dots. My course shows you how to put everything together.

Tired of referring FMR cases to other clinicians?

Refer less, earn more. FMR Complete lets you treat complex rehabilitation cases with confidence.

Worried you’ll fail to put new skills into practice after completing the course?

My mentoring has supported countless dentists to get started with FMR (not just knowing the theory). It could do the same for you too!

Already spent a small fortune on an MSc, diploma or other training? Concerned about investing in ANOTHER course?

Many of my students complete advanced training before joining my course but never put their skills into practice. Others have yet to gain FMR experience. Whatever your skill level, FMR Complete is the last course you will ever need to take.  

If you answered ‘yes’, my training is for you!


Meet Devang The FMR Guy

I gained my MSc at the UCL Eastman Dental Institute, where I stayed as a Senior Clinical Teaching Fellow, and I’m also the visiting FMR Guy at 11 practices across the UK.

But if you think this sounds like an overnight success story, you’d be wrong…

Train Now

If you’re like me—if you want to help more patients, refer less, and earn more—visit my courses page to begin your journey today.


Read My Definitive Guide to FMR

My Amazon Best Seller – Practical Step-by-Step Guide to Full Mouth Reconstruction for GDPs is dentistry’s NeverEnding Story. Buying this book gives you access to a video series that I update regularly to keep delegates informed of the latest evidence-based techniques, so you’ll never have to purchase a new edition.