Six Days of FMR Hands-On Training

If you already possess knowledge and theoretical understanding of Full Mouth Reconstruction but want to enhance your clinical skills through six days of practical training, then the FMR Hands-on course is designed for you.

Before the practical training days, we provide all hands-on demonstrations to you via video. This approach eliminates the need for you to spend time watching demonstrations in a crowded group or on a screen during the training sessions. As a result, you can immediately immerse yourself in hands-on practice upon arrival, allowing me to offer guidance, refine your techniques, and expedite your journey toward achieving full mouth mastery.


Six days of intense hands-on practice with trouble shooting

Designed for dentists of all levels of skill and experience

Access video demos in advance to maximise hands-on practice

Small cohort (nine per intake) means you get individual feedback

Day 1: Occlusal Assessment and Mounting

Achieve mastery in assessing occlusion, recording CR and mounting for FMR.

Day 2: Occlusal Splints and Diagnostic Wax Ups

Understand how to adjust Michigan splints and carry out diagnostic wax-ups for FMR.

Day 3: Direct Anterior Reconstruction

Explore and practice techniques for anterior composite reconstruction.

Day 4: Indirect Anterior Reconstruction

Mastering crowns and veneers for anterior reconstruction.

Day 5: Direct Posterior Reconstruction

Explore and practice techniques for posterior composite reconstruction.

Day 6: Indirect Posterior Reconstruction

Adhesive onlays and crown preparations for successful posterior reconstruction.

Take FMR To The Next Level

Are you ready to unlock the secrets of occlusion and discover how to combine single-tooth treatments to carry out complex FMR confidently?

Do you want to help more patients, refer fewer cases and enjoy all the rewards of a satisfying career in full-mouth dentistry?

You can with the FMR Hands-on Course!


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