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Introduction to Dental Photography Course

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Dr Devang Patel has worked in mixed (NHS/Private) practice for more than 10 years and one thing which has contributed to his success in communication skills and increased case acceptance is his discipline in taking clinical photographs for each consultation.  

Dr Devang Patel is very much a dentist and not a salesperson teaching dentists how to sell. He has been through the same difficulties which any general dentist goes through while learning or improving their communication skills. He has found that the use of clinical photographs is a single most important factor while communication with patients and ultimately increases case acceptance.  

This introductory dental photography course is for any general dental practitioner who would like to start taking clinical photographs using a DSLR camera or improve their skills in taking clinical photographs. Dr Patel has made this course as simple and as practical as possible for dentists to make sure they have all the details needed to start taking clinical photographs. 

This course covers the importance of taking clinical photographs and their uses in different clinical situations. Dr Devang Patel will go through the exact equipment and accessories needed in order to start taking dental photographs straight away. Dr Patel will also go through the settings needed to make sure the camera is ready for use. He will give live demonstrations on patients’ positions while taking photographs. Dr Patel will discuss how to edit images and how to store them. Lastly, he will go through how to correct some of the most common errors in live demonstrations.  

He believes in delivering courses which are practical and achieve results. 

After the course, Dr Devang Patel is more than happy to answer any questions so that the dialogue stays alive and you can truly benefit from his advice.