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Full Mouth Reconstruction for GDPs – online only course

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3 steps to go from single tooth to full mouth reconstruction

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I have been practicing dentistry for 15 years and have treated 100s of complex cases which required increasing OVD.  I have been teaching the same subject for over a decade.

My experience has shown me that any general dentist regardless of their experience can carry out full mouth rehabilitation. In order to treat them predictably you need to understand three fundamental steps which are involved in the process.

Step 1 is understanding of occlusion and treatment planning. If you think about it, oral rehabilitation  is nothing but collection of single tooth restorations such as composite bondings, crowns, onlays or veneers which work harmoniously due to occlusion.

Once you have an understanding of occlusion and planned your case, you can start with step 2 which is reconstruction of anterior teeth. These can be done using direct, indirect or using semi direct method. Sometimes you just need to carry out anterior reconstruction for the patient and using DAHL technique let the posterior teeth come into occlusion.

However, many patients do not fall under the criteria of DAHL technique and hence they will need posterior reconstruction which is the step 3 of the process. Posterior reconstruction can also be carried out using direct/indirect or semidirect methods.

Keeping these fundamentals in mind I have developed a 3 steps program which is called ‘Occlusion to oral rehabilitation’.  This program starts with training in basic understanding of occlusion and takes you through the complete process of full mouth reconstruction for damaged and worn teeth. It has enabled my students to complete a multitude of simple and more advanced reconstructions.  Using my system you too can approach these multidisciplinary cases with predictability and ease. It reduces stress and enables you to really enjoy your dentistry providing more holistic and life enhancing treatments. This program is developed to keep needs of every dentist in mind. If you like to learn from confirm of your own home then subscribe to the online course. Once you have completed online course and would like to improve your skills then join me on my hands on course where I personally teach small group of dentists. Once you have completed this course and would like me to come to your practice to help you with your first full mouth reconstruction case then I am available to help you. In short, I will help you in anyway possible to get you started with your journey in full mouth reconstruction.

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